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Too much spare gaming currency wasted? Want a fast cost-recovery properly? Need a secure platform guarantee everything for you? Welcome to join our brand new service “sell to us”: easy, safe and most efficient method to cash-out!
Our business
What We Offer
NBA Series MT
Run business in-game seems more slower to build your dream team, buy packages here to achieve quicker.
NFL Series Coins
We provide cheap NFL coins for sale with most security trading solution in competitive price.
More Games...
We're focusing searching multiple hot games for millions of memberships.
Step Instructions
Become a seller
  • Step 01
    Browse and Claim
    Sign in at the right top of the page, pressing “SELL” button jump into selling inventory, claim your favourite option on display.
  • Step 02
    Lock and Buy
    A popup reminds more specific about what you’ve succeed in picking, what basic requirements needed before ready to buy.
  • Step 03
    Upload Proof
    Complete what request in detail page less than 15 minutes and be aware of uploading 2 separate photos before and after buying.
  • Step 04
    Waiting for review
    Clicking “Sell Record” to give quick check about order status, usually shows “Under Reviewing” before buyer examine and confirm all that submitted.
  • Step 05
    Check balance and withdraw
    Once entire procedure done, by pressing “My Wallet” where check amount of income gained from every transaction to cash-out.
What beneficial A6K offers
Our Core Strengths
100% Secure trading community We guarantee that every order will be delivered safely, while protecting the security of your account.
We will give you the price of comparative advantage in the same trade
Fast & Easy
Almost all orders can be completed in 15 mins - 3 hours, the operation is simple and convenient.
We have been focusing on this field for more than 5 years, 24h * 7day professional customer service team will answer for you at any time.
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